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 Gabi Kis 

When I went vegan, it didn’t happen overnight. I was interested in it before, because of the whole natural foods vegan people were eating. On my Pinterest I saved loads of plant based recipes from way before I’ve turned vegan.

It was scary to ditch meat, because of the stories I’ve heard about nutrient and protein deficiencies, this is why it took me so long to decide. First I turned pescatarian/vegetarian and in the meantime I’ve done a lot of research, and one of the videos I was watching suddenly opened my eyes.
I wasn’t scared anymore. I throw away all the eggs and cans of fish and never looked back since.
I’m the best version of myself. I have energy, I don’t have bad relationship with food anymore, I sleep well, my hair and skin is glowing, my mind is always clear now, no more fogginess.

I’m thriving.

It was the best decision in my whole life. This is why I’m sharing my experiences and recipes which helped me, and which I use on a daily basis.